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Long Beach Womens Fair and ERA Celebration

The Feminist Uprising is a vibrant and inclusive feminist community that stands firmly on the pillars of intersectionality, inclusivity, diversity and equity. Committed to the pursuit of social justice, this community provides a nurturing space where individuals from all walks of life can come together to support and empower one another through education, collaboration, and unwavering solidarity. 

Co-founders Ashlie Brady and Jennifer Cohen's journey towards establishing The Feminist Uprising began at a Planned Parenthood rally for reproductive freedom in 2022. Their shared passion for human rights and equality led them to join forces as leaders of a local women’s march circle. As they collaborated on planning marches, rallies, and advocacy initiatives, a profound friendship blossomed, becoming the bedrock upon which they are now building The Feminist Uprising. Their commitment to intersectional feminism, inclusivity, and amplifying underrepresented voices is driven by their unwavering dedication to a more equitable world for all. Together, they bring a dynamic blend of friendship, leadership, and advocacy to their community, inspiring change and empowerment at every step.

Join us on our journey to challenge norms, break barriers, and build a world where every voice is heard and every person valued. Together we can foster a future where equality and equity are not just ideals but a lived reality for all.

About Us

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