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Our Core Values are the foundation of our organization's work, guiding its actions, initiatives, and advocacy efforts towards a more equitable and just society.



Recognizing and valuing the interconnectedness of various identities, such as race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and more. The F.U.  acknowledges that people experience multiple forms of discrimination and oppression simultaneously and we seek to address these complexities in our advocacy and actions.


Inclusivity and Diversity

The F.U. values diversity and actively works to create an inclusive space where individuals from different backgrounds, identities, and perspectives are respected and welcomed. Our goal is to ensure that marginalized voices are centered and empowered.


Social Justice

The F.U. is committed to promoting social, economic, and political equality, and aims to dismantle systemic oppression and challenge patriarchal structures that perpetuate inequality. We advocate for changes that lead to a more just and equitable society for everyone, regardless of their identities.


Empowerment and Education

The F.U. focuses on education, awareness-raising, and providing tools for personal and collective empowerment to create lasting change.


Collaboration and Solidarity

The F.U. recognizes that gender equality is intertwined with various other social justice causes. We actively seek to collaborate with other movements and groups and build alliances that engage in solidarity efforts to collectively address broader issues of justice and equality.

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